The Foundation’s logo was designed and sketched by Eric’s seven year old sister, Elena. Eric and Elena spent hours drawing together. He even taught her how to draw the rose shown here.
A rose expresses promise, new beginnings, and hope. . All of which we expect from our Foundation as we grow.
  • We are the proud family and friends of
  • Eric James Antico Jr.
  • President & Founder – Lisa Lasky
  • Board of Directors:
  • Cynthia Antico
  • Lisa Lasky
  • Kimmee Masi
  • Secretary – Alexandra Antico
  • Treasurer – Lisa Lasky
  • Honorary Board Members
  • Eric Antico Sr.
  • Alexandra Antico
  • Angelo Antico
  • Anthony Antico
  • James Antico
  • Elena Antico
Summertime by The Sundays

Seeking Success Stories …

The Foundation is presently exploring ways to establish grants to individuals worthy of funds that we raise in Eric’s name. We welcome sharing of success stories… email: